Denis Barrett

Home Town: Westmount, NS

Training Division: Depot

Troop: TR. F 1962

Regimental Number: 22274


Divisions Served: “B,” “A,” “HQ”

Medals & Honours: Long Service Medal with Silver Clasp

Pillar Location: Pillar X, Row 2, Column D



I joined the Force on 1962-01-17 and left, Sydney, Nova Scotia for training at “Depot” as a member of “F” Troop 1962.  On completion of 10 months training, I was posted to “B” Division in Newfoundland.  During my years in Newfoundland, I was posted at five detachments.  I met my wife in Newfoundland as well as many generous and wonderful people during those years.

In 1969 I was transferred out of Newfoundland and posted to Sudbury Detachment of “A” Division in Eastern Ontario.  Working in plain clothes on federal duties was a big change from the everyday contract policing responsibilities in Newfoundland where you are in uniform and are on call 24/7.  After Sudbury Detachment a posting to “A” Division Protective Policing Services was completed which included police protection on Parliament Hill, the Governor General’s Residence, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

After postings within “A” Division, I was transferred to “HQ” Division of the Force and within the Protective Policing Directorate which was the policy centre for all things and functions relating to protective issues, including: The Explosives Disposal & Technology Branch, Canadian Bomb Date Centre, Security Engineering Branch, Electronic Security Branch, Security Systems Branch, and Information Technology Branch.  The years spent at “HQ” Division were challenging and satisfying indeed.

I retired from “HQ” Division on 1996-01-18 having served for 34 years.  In 1998 I returned to Nova Scotia and now reside in Bedford.