James C. Barton

Home Town: Windsor, Ontario

Training Division: Depot

Troop: “K”

Regimental Number: 20827


Divisions Served: “K”

Pillar Location: Pillar V, Row 6, Column B



My initial training in Regina and the time spent policing in a small detachment in Ponoka Alberta had a profound effect on my future. Although l only spent five years in the force, the experience and discipline obtained permitted me to rise to an executive position in a major corporation. I want to give special recognition to my wife Darlene who passed away on July 8th, 2019. She moved with me from Toronto to Ponoka with a population of 2500. She never complained about the long hours or the subsequent 13 household moves. She is my hero.
I am also so fortunate to have retained the friendships of many of those members l trained with over 62 years ago.