Melvin Wesley Cheavins

Home Town: Wawanesa, Manitoba 

Training Division: “Depot”

Troop: TR. D 1956

Regimental Number: 19306


Divisions Served: “F”

Pillar Location: Pillar IX, Row 34, Column A



Melvin Wesley Cheavins was born in Brandon, Manitoba, on July 2 1937.  He was adopted by Wes and Eva Cheavins and lived in Wawanesa, Manitoba where he attended elementary school.  The family moved to Brandon, Manitoba in Mel’s early teen years.

Mel joined the RCMP in April 1956 and trained at “Depot” Division in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He graduated from the Academy and was sent to his first posting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  In five years, Mel was stationed in Saskatoon, Kindersley, Regina, and Swift Current.  In 1960 he married Betty Nickolson, a telephone operator working in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.

From Swift Current (where Brenda was born) to Gravelbourg (where Debra was born), on to Torquay, Saskatchewan (where Clinton was adopted), then to Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, for one year, then to final posting at Langenburg, Saskatchewan in 1976.  The house was always busy with the children’s activities, as well as Mel and Betty’s.  Many hours were spent in various rinks, and they became their second home.

In the spring of 1982, Mel retired from the force after 25 and a half years of service.  They moved to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and Mel started a new career managing the Yorkton Agriplex Center (Currently known as the Gallagher Centre.

Mel joined the Investor’s Group Inc., in 1986.  He always loved working with numbers as well as visiting with people, so this was a perfect fit.  His training in confidentiality was evident during this career.

In 1977 Mel was reunited with his birth mother Laura.  He was thrilled when she could join him in celebrating his 60th birthday party and meet his family.

In every town that Mel and the family lived in, he volunteered for anything and everything.  More often than not, taking on key roles such as President, Chairman, or Treasurer of an organization. 

He was big on being involved with the youth and their activities, and encouraged the members he was stationed with to do the same.

Mel wore the RCMP uniform with immense pride and strived to do good police work.  He loved learning about the history of the Force.  He treated everyone with respect, no matter of the circumstance.  He was a straight shooter and an honest man, as well as a father that believed in discipline and respect.  However, he seemed to soften up when it came to his three grandsons.  He loved sharing stories of his grandsons at coffee row with the Vets.

Mel and Betty cherished the visits from Australia by Todd, Mia, and Noah.  They also enjoyed several trips to B.C. to visit family.  An additional trip to Vienna, Austria, was outstanding for them.

After some years of declining memory, Mel was officially diagnosed with dementia in 2009.  He was admitted into the Melville Care Centre in 2012.  He was then moved to Langenburg Care Home in 2015.  He passed away in 2017.

Mel loved his family and showed it by his actions, not his words.  He enjoyed people of all walks, good food, and red wine.  He took pride in his community and the volunteer work he could offer.  He loved his Saskatchewan Roughriders and enjoyed many sports.

He had a strong presence and an even stronger will.