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You may include important information, facts or achievements that help the reader understand the person whom the story is about as an individual.

Your audience consists of Members & Employees (serving and retired), friends, family members, cadets in training and visitors from around the globe who visit the RCMP Heritage Centre and who support and/or are interested in the RCMP story, Your Story!

Story Format/Tips

6 Point Chronological Outline (as applicable)

  1. Name, hometown, growing up or jobs held before joining the RCMP.
  2. What prompted you to join the RCMP? Basic training? Education
  3. What or where was your first posting and what position did you fill?
  4. Outline transfers or job changes or major cases/projects, changes, experiences engaged in during your career chronological order.
  5. What kind of jobs/career did you have after leaving the RCMP?
  6. Looking back, what are the life-long rewards you gained from being in the Force? 

4 Points to Consider Including in Relevant Chronological Time Frame.

  1. Promotions, positions held, personal rewards, achievements, life changes.
  2. A period in your career that is most memorable or enjoyable.
  3. An experience that sums up why the job was meaningful to you.
  4. An interesting or major crime, case or project you were involved in.

4 Considerations for Spouses/Partners.

  1. What is unique about the role of spouses/partners in the Force?
  2. What events or experiences are forever imprinted on you?
  3. What was the most challenging period or incident you encountered?
  4. How did you and/or your spouse/partner deal with the danger, stress or isolation?

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