Wayne Everett Martin

Home Town: Windsor, Ontario

Training Division: Depot

Troop: TR. 9 1974/75

Regimental Number: 31213


Divisions Served: “C,” “O,” “A,” “HQ,” “Depot”

Medals & Honours: Order of St. John (Serving Brother) Medal, South West Asia Service Medal with Afghanistan Bar, Canadian Peacekeeping Services Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medal, RCMP Long Service Medal with Gold Clasp, Order of St John Chancellor’s Commendation

Pillar Location: Pillar X, Row 5, Column C



I engaged in the RCMP on February 15, 1974 at the Detachment in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario. I joined my Troop 9 74/75 troopmates in Ottawa, Ontario for language training as we were a bilingual training troop composed of 16 Anglophones and 16 Francophones. Our troop commenced training at Depot on June 19, 1974, and graduated on November 25, 1974.

I married my late wife Linda J Martin on November 1, 1975, and she was a source of unwavering love, support, encouragement, and advice throughout my career.

During my 35 year career with the RCMP I was posted to numerous locations in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and internationally. A chronology of my RCMP journey follows:

1974-1985 Investigational and supervisory positions in Drug Enforcement, Commercial Crime, Customs & Excise, Immigration & Passport Enforcement, Airport Policing, and General Investigations Units, in “C” and “O” Divisions, beginning in St Jean, Quebec, followed by postings in Windsor, Hamilton, and Toronto, Ontario (Promoted to Corporal in Toronto Commercial Crime Section). Participated in security duties for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, and also for the 1984 Papal Visit in Toronto, Ontario

1985 – 1989 Firearms Training Instructor, Depot, Regina, Saskatchewan

1989-1990 –  Patrol Supervisor, Lester B. Pearson International Airport Detachment, “O” Division, Toronto, Ontario

1990-1994 – Division Training Coordinator, Toronto and London, Ontario, responsible for in- service training programs across “O” Division (Promoted to Sergeant)

1994-1995 – Seconded for 7 months to International Training Branch, HQ, Ottawa, Ontario as the senior member of an RCMP team that worked with the United States Department of Justice’s International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program in Washington, DC, USA, to develop the first curriculum for cadet training at the Haiti National Police Academy, and then assisted with implementation of this curriculum on site in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

1994-1996 – Commander, Customs & Excise Mobile Response Unit, London, Ontario, responsible for a surveillance / investigative team which supported operations throughout “O” Division (Promoted to Staff Sergeant)

1996-1997 – Sergeant Major, Depot, Regina, Saskatchewan, responsible for dress, deportment, conduct, security, and ceremonial issues (Appointed to rank of Sergeant Major by Commissioner Philip Murray)

1997-1998 – Ceremonies Branch, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, assisting Public Affairs Directorate in coordination of activities (Commissioned to rank of Inspector)

1998 – Seconded to International Training Branch, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, for the month of November as an Instructor/Mentor/Resource as part of an international team of police trainers that presented the first United Nations Police Officers’ Course, hosted by the Institute for Security Studies, to candidates from member countries of the Southern African Development Community at the South Africa Police Service Academy in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

1998-1999 – Member of the Grievance Advisory Board, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, providing support and advice to Grievance Adjudicators

1999 April – Seconded to International Training Branch, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, to participate as a Mentor / Monitor as part of an international team of police trainers coordinating the United Nations Civilian Policing component of African Regional Peacekeeping Exercise “Blue Crane” in Lohatla, Republic of South Africa, hosted by the Institute for Security Studies, and the South Africa Police Service, on behalf of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Coordinating Agency

January to August – International Training Branch, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, Principal Technical Advisor-Development, Joint RCMP/CIDA Project in support of the professional development of the Haiti National Police, posted to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

August to December – International Training Branch, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, Director, Joint RCMP/CIDA Project in support of the professional development of the Haiti National Police, posted to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

2000-2002 – Executive Officer to the Commanding Officer of “A” Division, Ottawa, Ontario, responsible for coordination of his secretariat

2002-2003 – Secondment to Ottawa Police Service as Central East District Officer responsible for uniform community policing activities and the plainclothes investigative unit

2003-2005 – Training Officer, Depot, Regina, Saskatchewan, responsible for all training programs, and Second in Charge of Depot (Promoted to Superintendent)

2005-2006 –  International Policing Operations, “HQ”, Ottawa, Senior Civilian Police Advisor, Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team, posted to Camp Nathan Smith, Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of the professional development of the Afghanistan National Police

2006-2008 – International Policing Operations, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, subject matter resource for the Afghanistan National Police Development Project

2008-2009 – Career Development & Resourcing Officer in Human Resources, “HQ”, Ottawa, Ontario, responsible for selection and staffing of foreign mission deployments and outside agency secondments of RCMP employees at the officer/executive level (Retired June 6, 2009)

Post Retirement Employment

2009-2011 – Director, Africa Programs, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, responsible for the development, effective management, and timely financial and results-based reporting of all project activities, including the establishment, organization, and delivery of education and training courses, meetings, conferences, seminars, or exercises, in Canada or internationally, in accordance with peace operations capacity building development programs