Adrienne Elizabeth Moncrief

Home Town: Cavan, Ontario

Training Division: Depot

Troop: TR. 7 1976/77

Regimental Number: 33568


Divisions Served: “E” and “HQ”

Medals & Honours: Silver Long Service Medal and Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal

Pillar Location: Pillar IX, Row 2, Column C



In 1975, concurrent with enrollment in a two year Legal Secretarial Diploma Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario, Adrienne Moncrief began searching for careers that were more in keeping with her evolving interests. Encouraged by the RCMP service of two of her cousins, Constables (Csts.) Alan and Blair Nicholson, Adrienne joined the RCMP in 1976, following completion of her College Diploma.

For Cst. Moncrief, training at the RCMP Academy while rigorous, introduced a new world of possibilities. It was an environment that both challenged and inspired.

In March 1977, following graduation from ‘Depot’, Cst. Moncrief transferred to her first post in ‘E’ Division, at North Vancouver Detachment and was assigned to General Duty Patrol. During the four years that Cst. Moncrief served at North Vancouver Detachment, some of the highlights from this period included: two successful witness protection assignments with the combined RCMP/Vancouver City Police Task Force know as the ‘Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit’; serving as a Recruit Field Trainer; and assignments with almost all of the Detachment’s Specialized Sections including: General Investigations; Drugs; Fraud; Identification; the Police Service Dog Unit; and the Reader’s Office. In addition, North Vancouver Detachment is where Cst. Moncrief met Cst. Brezovski whom she married in 1979.

In 1980, Cst. Moncrief was recommended for ‘specialized investigations’ and was transferred to Vancouver Commercial Crime Branch in 1981. Initially posted with the Branch’s Income Tax Evasion Section, Cst. Moncrief was sponsored, the following year, to attend the University of British Columbia’s (UBC’s) Faculties of Commerce and Law on a full time One Year Non-Degree Program. Upon completion of the Program, Cst. Moncrief returned to Vancouver Commercial Crime Branch and was assigned to the Stock Market Manipulation Section. During the four years that Cst. Moncrief was attached to this Section, she felt particularly fortunate to have the mentor ship of both Prosecutors and Accountants, who assisted Investigators with the major files. Throughout this period, Cst. Moncrief continued to enhance her skills, participating in part time and in-service training courses which included obtaining VIP Security qualifications. These specialized qualifications prepared her for additional duty assignments providing protection to Royalty, various Heads of State and Dignitaries who visited Vancouver during Expo ’86 and the Federal Election Campaign. In 1987, Cst. Moncrief diversified her experience, briefly transferring to the Branch’s Corporate Investigation Section before commencing Law School full time, in September, sponsored by the RCMP. 1987 was the first time that the RCMP sponsored two female Regular Members to attend the three year Law Program at UBC.

In 1990, following completion of her Law Degree (LLB), Cst. Moncrief returned briefly to Vancouver Commercial Crime Branch, joining the Intelligence Section, before winning her first promotion to Corporal (Cpl.) and transferring to the ‘E’ Division Criminal Operations Policy Unit.

In 1990, the Criminal Law and Police Operations were rapidly changing with such significant influences as the Supreme Court of Canada’s interpretation of the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’. The extent of these influences were captured in a paper, to which Cpl. Moncrief contributed, titled “The Impact of the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ on the Law Enforcement Responsibilities of the Canadian Police” which was presented at the 1991 International Conference on the ‘Hong Kong Bill of Rights’ and, published in 1993, by Butterworths, under the title “The Hong Kong Bill of Rights: A Comparative Approach”. In this significant period of Criminal Operations Policy development, Cpl. Moncrief relished the opportunity to contribute, assisting with one of the first Crown/Police Protocols on the Disclosure of Police Notes that was used in the Division.

In 1992, Cpl. Moncrief was promoted to Sergeant (Sgt.) in the position of Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of the ‘E’ Division Criminal Operations Policy Unit where she remained until the following year, when promotional opportunities became available in Headquarters, Ottawa for both she and her husband.

Upon arrival in Ottawa, Sgt. Moncrief was offered a promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.) in the position of Member Representative. Simultaneously, her husband was also offered a promotion to the rank of S/Sgt. in the position of Appropriate Officer Representative. To avoid a potential conflict of interest, Sgt. Moncrief transferred to an alternative post in Internal Affairs Branch, taking responsibility for a five year legislative review of the ‘RCMP Act’.

In 1994, Sgt. Moncrief had the honour of being selected as a RCMP representative to attend the International Conference of the Association of Women Police held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Later, that same year, Sgt. Moncrief was promoted to S/Sgt. becoming the first woman to hold the rank.

In 1996, both S/Sgt. Moncrief and her husband, S/Sgt. Brezovski, completed 20 years of service and were recognized, the following year, in a Long Service Awards Ceremony.

For a brief period, in 1997, when the work S/Sgt. Moncrief had been doing on the legislative review of the ‘RCMP Act’ was integrated with a Project examining ‘Separate Employer Status’ for the RCMP, S/Sgt. Moncrief and her husband found themselves engaged in the same Initiative but, from different perspectives, with S/Sgt. Brezovski representing the interests of the Division Staff Relations Representatives.

The following year, S/Sgt. Moncrief took the opportunity to attend French language training full time. Upon completion of language training, S/Sgt. Moncrief joined the Project Team which had been struck to respond to the Auditor General’s Recommendations on Alignment in the RCMP Forensic Laboratories.

In 2001, S/Sgt. Moncrief transferred to Community, Contract and Aboriginal Policing Services (CCAPS) and was tasked with integrating the Branch’s Strategic Planning and Client Service functions. She served as the NCO in charge of CCAPS Strategic Planning and Client Services for two years.

Also, in 2001, S/Sgt. Moncrief, and her husband, having both completed 25 years of service, each were awarded the Bronze Long Service Medal.

In 2002, both members were honoured again with the award of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal in recognition of their significant achievements and distinguished service to their fellow citizens, community and to Canada.

In 2003, S/Sgt. Moncrief was commissioned and promoted to the rank of Inspector (Insp.) initially as the Level I Grievance Adjudicator for the Central Region but, shortly thereafter, joined the Human Resources Modernization Initiative and Category of Employee Project Team.

In 2004, Insp. Moncrief’s husband of over 25 years, Chief Superintendent (C/Supt.) Brezovski, passed away while serving in the position of Director General of Professional Standards and External Review.

In 2006, Insp. Moncrief became the Director of the National Occupational Safety Program. Also, in that year, having completed 30 years of service, she was awarded the Silver Long Service Medal.

In 2008, Insp. Moncrief was promoted to Superintendent (Supt.) and assumed the position of Director General of the National Health and Safety Branch. In 2009, having augmented the Branch’s capacity and talents and, confident in the Program’s ability to develop, Supt. Moncrief took her retirement, having completed over 33 years of service.