M.I. Young

Regimental Number: S187


Divisions Served: HQ, CSIS

Medals & Honours: Long Service Medal, Certificate of Service as a Special Constable

Pillar Location: Pillar VII, Row 27, Column F



  • Engagement date was May 1, 1961 to July 15 1984 with the RCMP (at that point he was in CSIS)
  • He was with CSIS until June 26, 1987 when he retired.
  • He served in headquarters in Ottawa in A Division.  He also served within I Ops
  • He received the Long Service Medal from the RCMP on April 30, 1981
  • He received his Certificate of Service from the RCMP as a Special Constable on October 1, 1984 for service from May 1 1961 to July 15, 1984