Annand William John David
Home Town
Summerstown, Ontario
Troop # and Year
Regimental Number
Training Division
Division Served
E, G
Pillar Location
Medals and Honours
"Story:  #19206 Cst. William John David Annand (Born: July 11th 1936 – Died: July 13th 1963) John Annand was born and raised in Summerstown, Ontario, a small village (pop. 311) situated on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, approx. 74 miles south east of Ottawa. His parents, George & Mary Annand had six children – George, John, Jessie, Jean, Ross & Agnes. John joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on December 28th 1955. He was the second of their three sons to join the RCMP. His older brother George joined the Force in 1951 and his younger brother Ross joined the Force in 1965. John took his training at “Depot” Div., Regina, Sask. and was a proud Member of “A” Troop 1956. After graduating from “Depot” he was posted to “E” Division (British Columbia) and was stationed at Burnaby and Cloverdale. In 1958 he volunteered for Northern Service and served at Ft. Smith, Ft. Rae and Hay River, NWT. After completing his three year tour of duty, John was transferred back to British Columbia and was stationed at Mission and Chilliwack. In 1963 his love for the Arctic brought him north again, this time to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. On July 13th 1963, he was killed when a float-equipped RCMP Beaver aircraft CF-MPO crashed and burned while attempting to land at Carmacks, Yukon Territory. Four Members, Sgt. Morley Laughland, Cpl. Robert Asbil, Cst. Proctor Malcolm, Cst. John Annand and civilian Phillipe Desormeaux lost their lives that dreadful day. The cause of the crash was never definitely determined. The dominant speculation was that it was caused by a sudden downdraft that sometimes hovered over the river valley. His brother George, who was stationed in Ottawa, traveled to Whitehorse to escort John’s body back to Summerstown for his funeral and burial at Salem United Church. On June 9th 1966, a memorial plaque & cairn was erected at the crash site. On July 13th 2013, 50 years after this fateful crash, the serving and retired Members of the RCMP in Yukon organized and held a 50th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony at Carmacks. John’s brother Ross, attended this ceremony and delivered the following speech: “I was 18 years old when my brother was killed. I was still in high school and would join the Force two years later. The news of my brother’s death was devastating for my family, it was devastating for all the families, and it was devastating for the Force. Friends of mine on learning that I was attending this Memorial Service said to me that it will bring back memories. I told them that it will not bring back memories, because the memories of that fateful day, July 13th 1963 are always with us. The passage of time has helped us cope with the loss of our loved ones, but the memory of hearing that CF-MPO crashed and burned here at Carmacks and four Members, Sgt. Morley Laughland, Cpl. Robert Asbil, Cst. Proctor Malcolm, Cst. John Annand, and civilian Phillipe Desormeaux were all killed, is as clear in my mind today, as it was when I first heard this devastating news fifty years ago. We do learn to cope. We carry on and we live our lives, but the memory is always with us. Members of my family were not able to attend the Dedication & Unveiling of the original Cairn on June 9th 1966. Commissioner of the day, Geo. B. McClellan was kind enough to write a letter to my parents describing the Memorial Service in detail, and how the citizens of the village of Carmacks attended the Dedication, and at the conclusion of the ceremonies hosted a reception and tea in the community hall. Fifty years later the citizens of the village of Carmacks once again attend this Memorial Service and once again are hosting a reception and tea for us in the community hall. Thank You. In his letter to my parents, Commissioner McClellan concluded his remarks by saying: “It is my earnest hope that this Force, no matter how large it grows, will always have time to stop and pay its respects to those who have given their lives in the service of the Force, and for the good of their country.” Here today, the serving and retired Members stationed and living here in Yukon have once again fulfilled Commissioner McClellan’s hopes. They do not and they will not, forget those Members who died “In the Line of Duty”. To all of you – Thank You for Remembering. Thank You for this Memorial Service.” John was loved by all who knew him. He was an outstanding athlete, and was an exceptional hockey player, but above all else, he was an exceptionally proud Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police."